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Shimano, SP41, 4mm Shifter housing, 50m
- Brake housing for polymer coated brake cables - Refer to Documents and links to find the right product
- Shimano, Y8JA98020, SM-BH90, Olive and connecting insert
Câble de frein en acier inoxydable, unité, sur carte Diamètre 1.6 mm
$38.99 - $52.99
Un ensemble de câble et gaine de qualité offrant beaucoup moins de résistance lors des changements de vitesse et l'impression d'une exécution plus rapide. Comprends: 1700 x 4 mm gaine (1) 2100 x 1.2 mm câble de vitesse (1) - Dérailleur arrière 1800 x 1.2 mm câble de vitesse (1) - Dérailleur avant
Câbles de vitesse en acier inoxydable, emballés individuellement Dimensions des câbles : 1.2x 2100mm Les câbles sans revêtement conviennent à tous les usages
- Disc brake hose for all hydraulic Shimano disc brakes with straight connection type. Length 2000mm, outer diameter approx. 5mm. - Compatible brake levers: BL-T615, ST-M4050, BL-M506, BL-M505, BL-M445, BL-M396, BL-M395, BL-M355 - Compatible brake caliper: BR-T615, BR-M4050, BR-M447, BR-M446, BR-M395, BR-M355 - Also compatible ST-RS785 and ST-RS685 road hydraulic levers with BR-RS785 or BR-RS805 calipers - Straight connection at lever and caliper
Shimano Stainless Derailleur Cables Cable Head: Shimano/SRAM Cable Type: Stainless Defined Color: Gray Diameter: 1.2mm Double Ended: No Length: 3000 mm Quantity Included: 1
$64.99 - $69.99
Ensemble polymère Dura Ace 900 inclut : Gaine SP41 1 x 1700mm, câbles avec revêtement en polymère 2 x 2100mm, Embout de gaînes scellés x 6, Embouts de câbles x 2
CARACTÉRISTIQUES ø 1,2 mm x 2100 mm Revêtement polymère Acier inoxydable Capuchons extérieurs scellés, plastique (1 pc.) Capuchons extérieurs scellés, aluminium (1 pc.) Capuchons extérieurs scellés, nez (4 pièces) Boucliers en caoutchouc (4 pièces) Embouts intérieurs (1 pièce) Couvercle avec languette pour dérailleur arrière (1 pc.) OT-SP41 2000 mm
- 1.2 mm x 2100 mm (1 pc.) - 1.2 mm x 1800 mm (1 pc.) - OPTISLICK - Stainless steel - Outer cap with short tongue for ST (2 pcs.) - SIS-SP40 outer caps (3 pcs.) - SIS-SP40 sealed outer caps (1 pc.) - Inner end caps (2 pcs.) - OT-SP41 1700 mm - OT-RS900 (1 pc.)
$49.99 - $58.99
These PTFE-coated, stainless steel cable and housing sets reduce the sliding resistance to achieve lighter and quicker operation. Includes: - 1400mm x 5mm housing x 1 - 800mm x 5mm housing x 1 - 2050mm x 1.6mm cable x 1 - 1000mm x 1.6mm cable x 1
Shimano, SLR brake housing, 40m, Black
Original equipment hydraulic hoses for no-compromise brake performance. - 2000mm, black
$28.99 - $33.99
Jagwire's Brake Noodles feature stainless-steel tubes with aluminum ends for durability and excellent performance. You get 10 of them for all your bicycle setup needs.
Jagwire's C-Clips are little nylon clips designed for use with Jagwire's Stick-On Guides (sold separately) and compatible frame cable guides. The C-Clips fit over your housing and hydraulic lines and snap into the guides to keep the lines in place, tidy and operating smoothly.
$9.95 - $14.99
Jagwire's Cable Grips are adapters that make it possible to run hydraulic brake lines on bicycle frames that have housing stops that were designed for regular wire cables and standard housing sections. Once the regular cables and housing sections are removed, the Cable Grips are inserted and tightened in place in the standard frame stops. Then, the hydraulic lines are attached and securely held in place by the gripping jaw(s) of the Cable Grips. - Aluminum model accepts lines up to 5mm in diameter and the lines snap in. - Stainless model grips fully around the lines and is adjustable to fit most diameters.
$26.99 - $29.99
Innovative Elite Ultra-Slick derailleur cables offer top end performance without the problems associated with coated cables. The cable surface is highly polished to remove friction causing imperfections on the cable surface. These cables are a great fit for bikes with full cable housing and modern drivetrains. - Diameter: 1.1mm - Double-ended: No - Highly polished, ultra-slick uncoated surface delivers incredibly accurate, smooth responses - Compatible with all performance housing and lubricants - Uncoated surface means there's nothing to flake off during installation or riding, so it delivers the most durable, consistent performance - Stainless steel wires are corrosion resistant
$12.99 - $34.99
Many frames use internal cable routing for a tidy appearance and improved aerodynamics. In some cases, this can cause unwanted rattling sounds when riding over rough surfaces. Jagwire's Internal Housing Damper slides over brake and shift housing or hydraulic hose to reduce this noise. - 10mm outside diameter - Compatibility: 4.0-5.0mm brake housing, shift housing, and hydraulic hose
- 4mm compressionless housing - Low friction polymer liner - Housing Length: 200m
- 4mm compressionless housing - Slick-Lube liner (SL) - Housing length: 50m
- Replacement cable for the Jagwire Pro Dropper kit - 0.8mm inner cable is more flexible and has lower friction than typical shift inner cables - An easy way to reduce the force required to activate a dropper post remote lever - Perfect for dropper seatposts with "stealth" cable routing and tight housing bends - Includes 2x heat-shrink shims - For use with dropper seatposts ONLY - Length: 2000mm
Jagwire BSA043 J2 Ajusteur en ligne pour câble de changement de vitesse de 4mm, Comprenant deux boîtiers de changement de vitesse 4mm x 50mm Permet le réglage indexé des câbles à la volée pour les cadres dépourvus d'ajusteurs de câble. Pack de 2 pièces
Les régleurs de câbles directs Rocket II s'adaptent aux manettes Shimano STI avec acheminement externe des câbles. - Boutons de réglage recouverts de caoutchouc pour une prise ferme - Réglable à la volée - 4 mm
$4.99 - $17.99
Jagwire's Sport Slick Stainless Shift Cable is a high-quality shift cable made of stainless steel for excellent shifting performance, corrosion resistance and durability. It also comes in lengths to fit single and tandem bicycles.
- Complete shifter and brake cables and housing kit - Low friction, prelubricated casing - Cable Material: Stainless Steel - Cables & Housing: Comp.Campagnolo Ergopower Ultra-Shift
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